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A recent update to UCASA.ORG.  New version of Joomla, updating their site to the 2.5 series, and a new theme.  Take a look at Techivity provides web consulting, small business advice, custom themes, components and installs for Joomla and WordPress.

This is a quick commentary on why some of those programming tasks that seem “easy” are never quite what they seem, especially in new, more object-oriented programming packages like Flash.  I hope this helps some of you out there plan better when you are trying to budget projects. First, its important to understand how most […]

Google’s changes are an issue, but not for the reason originally reported.  Consolidating and using web history is an issue if you don’t want them to do it, so here: That is how you remove your web history from your Google account.  Do it before March 1 (so in the next 4 hours).  Disappointing […]

I was talking to an associate who expressed concern about the new Google Service Agreement and I wanted to post.  He was concerned that the new agreement could be read as Google taking license with people’s stuff…not so. The part that seems to cause everyone heartache on the Google agreement is this: “When you upload […]

In opposition to the SOPA and PIPA proposed legislation went dark today, January 18th, 2012.  The day passed, but the risk remains. The philosophy of this legislation is analogous to holding a postal carrier liable for the material in his bag when he’s out on his route; he didn’t choose to carry it, doesn’t know what’s […]

As small to mid-size business and non-profit leaders, many of you have to wear multiple hats, providing technology advice, marketing strategy and engaging in sales work supporting relationships. This is for you. I was watching a video by my sister Payson Cooper, who has cultivated a nice skill-set in strategic marketing, and I thought she […]

Well, well.  I was checking my news feeds this AM and I see this post about project Spartan. Project Spartan: Facebook's Hush-Hush Plan To Take On Apple On Their Own Turf: iOS Seems that there’s a top-secret project at Facebook to implement an app delivery service on Safari to target the iPhone and iPad.  It […]

I don’t often do this, write a recommendation to avoid someone’s hosting services, however, this example of incompetence is so strong that I feel I need to say something. I was helping a client migrate from shared hosting (as in shared with other unconnected businesses) on 1&1 to their own  hosting solution.  We moved the […]

I’ve been dealing with a hard-drive crash in my Dell laptop the past couple of days and its opened my eyes to what I consider to be a serious issue in the technical industry.  The tech industry has become central to our culture, part of our identity in modern times.  So what happened to the […]

There are so many Open Source systems for websites out there, that I thought I would take a moment to explain a bit about when to pick each one, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons.  There isn’t one “solves it all” type system, so if someone is telling you that, its […]