I am committed to helping clients clarify goals, understand the world of the ‘net (especially social media), leverage technology and enjoy doing business on the web.

My passion and interest in technology has always been as a resource to get things done, not just an interest in cool widgets. I have had good fortune over my many years in tech management to have good training, incredible colleagues, so my business, Techivity, is about sharing my experience and perspective with folks who can use it.

Through Techivity, we offer consulting and development to help clients:

  • Plan good business strategy that leverages technology (including open-source) and ‘net resources
  • Develop an understanding of their market and audience to put technical plans in proper context
  • Optimize sites for better traffic and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Utilize social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace in ways that are industry appropriate
  • Practice good visual design, media production and technical development
  • Leverage opensource tools like wordpress, drupal, joomla, vtiger, sugarcrm and more
  • Select good hosting, IT resources and manage projects well

Its my purpose at Techivity to help clients make sense out of the fast-paced, dynamic and powerful world of the Internet and empower them to make good business, project, technical and marketing decisions.

Techivity can help design and develop powerful custom software solutions and applications, but engineering is only one of many strengths that range from an understanding of social media, the power of the Internet and a deep familiarity with open-source tools that can help companies leverage thousands of hours of free engineering talent!

Our Mission

Techivity is dedicated to empowering clients to understand and leverage the power the Internet offers responsibly and to great business impact.

Key Players

Techivity maintains a wide array of relationships and resources we can bring to the table to help our clients including consultants, designers and engineers.

John D. Cooper, President and Senior Producer

I have managed software projects, technical personnel and business divisions for over than 20 years.  I got my start as a multimedia developer in the early 1990s and have designed, produced, and shipped dozens of products, including computer based training, games, productivity software and web solutions.  I have degrees in psychology, marketing and sociology, and have experience in strategic planning, product design, market research, requirements analysis, management, design marketing programs, team development, quality control and technical design. Throughout my career I’ve had the good fortune to work with major content providers like Tom Clancy at Redstorm Entertainment and Michael Crichton at Timeline Computer Entertainment. I like working with small business entrepreneurs and major property developers.

Brad Ledbetter, Senior Engineering Consultant

Brad Ledbetter is a formally trained engineer with software design, user interface,  and production experience.  Brad has developed engineering tools used for game development, engaged in Playstation console development and designed and developed back-end solutions for countless web sites.   Brad has more than 10 years of software development experience, and has developed an extensive array of technical and management skills during  his professional career.