Check out some of the work we’ve done. If you have any questions about any of these projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Among our recent work is a WordPress site for Health Technology Training Solutions:


Their WordPress development included a custom theme, use of a plug-in to add survey capabilities, and planning content so that it could be easily updated and maintained.

Hello Customers and Friends:

The best way to reach Techivity is to email us through our web form, or to call us on our office line at 801-274-8490.  We have been making some changes to our organization and scheduling, and these have become the best ways to ask for help with or advice on your website needs.

Lately, our blog has been quiet, due to how busy we’ve been with client work.  We will endeavor to update this blog with new free advice articles in the near future.  Thank you for your continued support.

Atmosphere Alt Shift is an eco-friendly design firm with an activist approach to designing exhibits who needed extensive updates to their flash site at:


Techivity handled the Flash code for our design partner http://www.aprioricreative.com/ working on the graphics.

Monster Mural is a cool business that provides large murals for events that can be colored, assembled or are otherwise interactive.

Monster Mural wanted a custom site – they didn’t want to do their own updates and controlling the specifics of the design page to page was more important than applying the same template to multiple articles like a blog or content management solution.

Using good coding practices to create PHP includes that re-use as much of the page as possible, we created a custom site that uses extensive java-script, PHP templates and re-uses graphics. The site includes custom java-script slide shows that update automatically any time Monster Mural uploads pictures and a custom, PCI-compliant shopping cart solution.

A great example of proper requirements analysis; instead of investing time and energy into traffic-building or other business resources that did not fit Monster Mural’s requirements, Techivity focused on providing a site that provides support for their existing sales process, since Monster Mural works directly with event planners through catalogs and direct contact.


CrossTrade WordPressCrosstrade Imports is a fantastic eco-friendly client that helps tribal peoples in Brazil establish business relationships in the US.

Crosstrade was trying to update their site through Dreamweaver without much knowledge of HTML.  After a proper requirements assessment, we determined that they needed an online store and website system that they could update in-house using store labor with minimal web skills.  They were also hosted by a company that offered minimal support and hosting resources.

We started with a site migration to BlueHost, a large hosting company that offers significant control panel resources for small to mid-size business, then set up OpenCart with a custom template and trained them to enter their own products.

Once the Crosstrade Imports On-line Store was up and running, we converted some custom designs into a WordPress template and configured WordPress to support their needs.  Since Techivity helped redesign the technology framework for the Crosstrade site, in-store personnel at CrossTrade has successfully updated their own web pages and product listings.

Add Google Analytics, some key word research and basic search-engine optimization and Crosstrade Imports is set to build and grow their on-line business helping artists in Brazil support themselves.



Here are a few of our former projects, done before our last portfolio update.

Kent Smith Architecture Kent Smith Architects – Kent wanted more than just another blogging site; he wanted a site with unusual design (courtesy of APRiori Creative) and video capabilities. Using Wordpress as a foundation, Techivity helped Kent make sense of hundreds of blogging plugins and resources to get what he needed.
silex Technology America – silex needed a new web site, a fresh look and feel, with a management system that would allow them to keep track of their extensive pages of content while providing the ability for people throughout their organization to maintain separate pages.
BelleHavens – BelleHavens is a destination club where members can spend time in fabulous locations, staying in million dollar homes. VorpalJack updated their online reservation system, provided marketing analytics, SEO advice and provides hosting and technical management services.
vj-heirloom Heirloom Passages – Specializes in producing beautiful, heirloom quality products to memorialize important events. VorpalJack provided this startup with a web presence, consultation and online store at a price they could afford.
vj-icon Icon RemodelingA full service design-build firm comprised of certified, quality-oriented staff that reflect innovative ideas, comprehensive services, and attention to detail. VorpalJack helped Icon to identify what site map would best serve their business and developed a web presence for Icon that includes a FAQ, a portfolio, and information about Icon and the services it offers. In addition, VorpalJack trained their staff to update and maintain the site themselves. We are especially proud of the custom engineered slideshow plugin that displays Icon’s portfolio while giving them a user-friendly GUI to update the slides any time they want.
vj-corda Corda Technologies – The global leader in interactive data visualization software and solutions. VorpalJack converted Corda’s site from over 1000 individual HTML pages to a template system that greatly simplified maintenance. Using custom software, VorpalJack processed more than 1000 content pages to fit within the new templates and added new flash driven and HTML content to reflect new product lines. Best of all, the entire project was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.
vj-fulcrum1 Fulcrum Biometrics – Fulcrum Biometrics is a leading provider and distributor of multiple biometric identification technologies. Fulcrum needed a new website with an online store. VorpalJack provided Fulcrum with that site, a customized template, menu system and training that has allowed Fulcrum to mange and update their site on their own. VorpalJack continues to provide technical services to Fulcrum on a regular basis, helping them maintain and manage a very active and successful site.
vj-atto Atto Solutions – Atto Solutions is the premiere provider of freight auditing services for companies of all sizes. VorpalJack built a user friendly web interface to allow Atto Solutions’ customers to enter account information, pay bills and view extensive reports showing detailed shipping and cost information. Our database stores millions of records for Atto Solutions customers to review their freight expenses and ensure they are not over-spending.

Western Folklife Center is a long-time client.  When they first approached us in 2007, they were working with a store system that couldn’t handle their orders, using a content management solution that didn’t work for their needs and had trouble making any edits to their site.Western Folklife Center Joomla 1.5 Site

We helped them evaluate open-source alternatives, plan a project to update their web site of over 900 pages, and migrated their web management system to Joomla 1.0 with VirtueMart for their store solution.  Since then, we have updated their site to Joomla 1.5 and added a wide range of resources including Google Analytics, custom web forms and custom templates for both their main and their Cowboy Poetry Gathering microsite.

The Western Folklife Center site is a good size site; over 850 pages, multiple integrated systems, 3 custom templates, photo galleries, forms systems and VirtueMart.  Also, a microsite within Joomla that uses Joomla’s multiple template capabilities.

Western Folklife Center is a really cool non-profit organization; they help archive, celebrate and store the folklore of the western United States.  Their site includes cowboy poetry, exhibits, artwork, podcasts, radio shows and more.  Go check ’em out!  They are one of our on-going clients who has a contract with us for maintenance and management.