CrossTrade WordPressCrosstrade Imports is a fantastic eco-friendly client that helps tribal peoples in Brazil establish business relationships in the US.

Crosstrade was trying to update their site through Dreamweaver without much knowledge of HTML.  After a proper requirements assessment, we determined that they needed an online store and website system that they could update in-house using store labor with minimal web skills.  They were also hosted by a company that offered minimal support and hosting resources.

We started with a site migration to BlueHost, a large hosting company that offers significant control panel resources for small to mid-size business, then set up OpenCart with a custom template and trained them to enter their own products.

Once the Crosstrade Imports On-line Store was up and running, we converted some custom designs into a WordPress template and configured WordPress to support their needs.  Since Techivity helped redesign the technology framework for the Crosstrade site, in-store personnel at CrossTrade has successfully updated their own web pages and product listings.

Add Google Analytics, some key word research and basic search-engine optimization and Crosstrade Imports is set to build and grow their on-line business helping artists in Brazil support themselves.