Ok, so here at Techivity for the new 2010 year, we are launching a new site that will not only showcase our work, but will also share what we learn and know about conducting small business on the web.

Its our plan to share information about:

– Frameworks, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ModX and more

– Hosting services, such as xmission.com, bluehost.com and squarespace.com

– eCommerce options, such as VirtueMart, ZenCart, or hosted options like Volusion

– Search Engine Optimization, dispelling some of the myths about SEO, white hat, black hat, keyword research and so forth

– Social networking, like how to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more

The web has grown to be an incredible resource both for personal connectivity and business development, but its huge, confusing and has its own language and subculture.  Even those of us who are “plugged in” all the time don’t have exposure to everything, everywhere, there’s just too much.

So, this blog is going to be our journey at Techivity through our various client projects, the resources we find and set up for our clients, and how to review those resources.  We hope to use every day language and talk about technical options with a firm grounding in business strategy and practice.